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kik me

2017-05-08 16:50:41 by JaneTheKiller1011

since im not really on my laptop much you can contact me on facebook , skype, or kik message me for my facebook , skype , and kik names 


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2017-05-08 23:28:04

Figures I'm not any of those, I only make accounts out of necessity. Took almost 2 years before I signed up here, I do use Discord to talk to my racing crew in GTA, doesn't work, kids still crash into me

JaneTheKiller1011 responds:

lol well what do u have ?


2017-05-14 03:26:34

I only tend to get friendly on NG or GTA (slightly). Haven't done much w/ Steam, other than play a few NG associated games. Hate email, dumped FB after a year, skype records anything they want, never joined the ebil Googmonster.
This place's been enough for a good long while, know some great folks here and like swapping PM's. I used to produce TV content in the 90's, so this place kinda sits well with me.