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Growing up

2017-06-06 17:06:12 by JaneTheKiller1011

If I had to look back at myself in 2016 id say I have matured a lot well for one last year I was practicing driving and you could tell that I wasn't ready to be behind the wheel, I also wasn't at all ready for collage, but I started drivers ed , and collage yesterday its crazy how fast it growing up I mean don't get me wrong I'm still my old silly self but I have learned when and where the right time to be silly is 


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2017-06-06 18:38:00



2017-06-06 19:13:14

Everything in life happens when the time is right,so sooner or later,college'll be over and you will be a driver!

JaneTheKiller1011 responds:

I have been doing amazing in my drivers ed class they think I may be driving by the end of the month :)


2017-06-09 21:55:15

Wish you all the best then!


2017-06-14 02:23:12

Hard to be silly behind the wheel, just be real when you approach any intersection or blind turn, even if you've got the right of way... everyone I know in Texas that does drive, has 8 cylinders or more and likes to go fast, and most of em like to drink too. Growing up's over-rated, just fake it.