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2017-09-18 13:55:56 by JaneTheKiller1011

Ive been dealing with lots of depression which has now caused me to binge eat im trying to get better but its hard 

Growing up

2017-06-06 17:06:12 by JaneTheKiller1011

If I had to look back at myself in 2016 id say I have matured a lot well for one last year I was practicing driving and you could tell that I wasn't ready to be behind the wheel, I also wasn't at all ready for collage, but I started drivers ed , and collage yesterday its crazy how fast it growing up I mean don't get me wrong I'm still my old silly self but I have learned when and where the right time to be silly is 

kik me

2017-05-08 16:50:41 by JaneTheKiller1011

since im not really on my laptop much you can contact me on facebook , skype, or kik message me for my facebook , skype , and kik names 


2016-09-19 21:30:09 by JaneTheKiller1011

hello friends :) ive been offline for a long time sorry for that my life has been busy 


2016-06-27 03:15:45 by JaneTheKiller1011

I have reasently started the Atkins diet and I have lost 10 pounds already ill be in a bikini and feel comfrable in my body in no time 


2015-12-17 18:45:24 by JaneTheKiller1011

ive started a diet called Jenny Creg the food itsnt as good as normal food but ill be healthy in no time :) i can also have my favorite foods still just a small amount :) 

Bad News

2015-12-13 00:30:32 by JaneTheKiller1011

I found out that I have a high risk of getting diabeties, a sleeping disorder , and a heart disorder gotta lose lots of weight but ik I can do it , but it will be hard ill need some suport from my friends I cant do this alone so please help me threw this

Death In The Family

2015-11-22 01:55:02 by JaneTheKiller1011

My grand mothers best friend died due to canser. She was like a grandmother to me. I miss her , but ik shes in a better place now , and is a beautiful angel. She always was a beautiful woman even when she was sick . She was also as kind, and gental as a true angel sent from heaven. I love her so much, and will never forget her 

R.I.P grammy you will always be in my heart 

I met the guy of my dreams about two years ago at the horse stables I kept my horse at. We started dating, and broke up. I thought I would never see him again. I never stopped loving him. On October 5, 2015 I looked at my phone, and it showed I had one miss call. It was him. We ended up hanging out that night. When he picked me up I had to sit in the back because his best friend was sitting in the front with him we talked, laughed , and had lodes of fun. I was trying so hard not to look at him because I knew if I did id cry from missing him so much. About an hour later we took his friend home, and he asked me to sit in the front with him so I did. Then he told me that he never stopped loving me, and that he missed me. He asked me what I would do if we went back out again. At that moment I looked into his eyes and said “I would love if u asked that “. He then asked me back out. He then kissed me, and it felt so magical it was amazing. He truly is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and im glad god brought him back to me.


2015-04-20 21:39:53 by JaneTheKiller1011

ok im getting back into drawing but im not shure what to draw coment what u want me to draw and ill maby draw it